My artistic name is Vicky Porfyri and I’m a self taught abstract and conceptual painter. I am from Greece, but currently I am living in Portugal. I have a Master Degree in Civil Engineering and at the age of almost forty, I decided to leave my country behind, my family, my friends, and a career in the airport industry. And I did it all for love! Yes, there are still some people out there that believe in love, and I am one of them. So, I came to this country without speaking the language and without knowing anyone but him! And you know what? Everything is fine! Life continues giving me all that I came for and something more…

As soon as, I had settled in the pandemic broke out. This isolated me from Greece and closed the door to the only professional opportunity I thought I had here, working at Porto airport. Since tourism and transport is one of the sectors that was hit hard.

But thinking about it now, this professional setback proved to be helpful and rather important for my artistic growth!

Since I had not much to do (except for learning the language) and while reading a lot of self-improvement books suddenly, I got a crazy idea: ‘I will paint!’

I always believed that I didn´t know how and I couldn´t paint, and nobody ever told me the opposite. But my mind-set has changed.  Literally, I woke up one day and said to everybody that ´´I can´´! I bought canvases, brushes and paints, as a gift to myself for my 40th birthday. And just like that, I started painting!

Astonishingly, only 3 months later, my art got noticed and I started receiving invitations to exhibit my paintings in galleries all over the world. Without any advertising, having only 200 followers on social media, but most importantly without having someone familiar with the subject, who could perhaps help me in my new step. All I had and still have is that every time I paint, I am thinking of my painting being exhibited in a gallery and I often bring this image to my mind during the day.

My inspiration stems from true stories and real-life events, things that have had an impact on myself or other people and are thus depicted on each of my canvases. These stories come alive as I create and recall them through the use of bright and vibrant acrylic colours, inviting the viewer to take part in these wonderful engaging tales!!

You may also notice words or quotes written on some of them! Paintings are not just a beautiful decorative element. Have energy, just like words and quotes do, and that is the reason I love to combine them!